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What does TSD do?

Recruitment agency in the field of technology for performance and pleasure

TSD Groep is mediator for technical professionals.

We match on work pleasure and work performance. We provide added value for candidate and client, making you feel like getting started.

TSD has become a specialist in technical projects and matching the right people, a full-service recruitment agency. We have built an extensive network through which we have a wide range of technical vacancies at various levels.

We make the difference

This is how we think about technology
Our vision on technology is that it is not just simply about performance. It is about innovation, improving processes and making them more efficient. To do this you need people with knowledge and insight, who understand business processes and goals and can translate them into results. That’s what TSD stands for.

Our vision on the daily practice
TSD started in 1995, first as a technical maintenance and overhaul company with a complete own construction and machine workshop. In mid-2001, changing market conditions forced us to further specialize in recruiting. We know the ins & outs of the specific branch and are therefore the perfect contact for both our clients and employees.


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"At TSD I work on really nice projects, technically sometimes very challenging. In addition, you are constantly in contact with the account managers at TSD HQ. They are really helpful and know what they are talking about! "

Musthafa (Moes), 1st Utility Engineer

"In 2014, after more than 30 years of working for the same company I lost my job at the age of 57. During the economical crisis it was not a good time to find work again. But at TSD they have helped me in no time, now I have been working at TSD for almost 4 years!"

Gerard, Technical Specialist

"I'm proud to say that 5 years after my retirement I still can and should work. At TSD I'm able to transfer my knowledge to the younger generation. I still enjoy it every day, it gives me great satisfaction. Stop? When my wife retires in a year or 3! "

Theo (70 jr), Maintenance and installation Engineer

"Our project-based way of working really supports our flexible shell. In the past we have worked a lot with temporary employment agencies, but that was not that successful: many missmatches due to the incompetence of the agencies. Technology is a specialism and if you have not worked there yourself you will have difficulty understanding. With TSD it is nice to work together, they will find the right specialist! "

Cees, Company director

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